The Company does not commit any unacceptable forms of fraud and giving or receiving bribes. For the direct or indirect benefit of themselves or related parties, whether in person or not in person, with stakeholders who have conducted various business transactions of the Company, including prohibiting all employees and all levels from being involved in corruption and giving or receiving bribes in any form and strictly complying with this anti-corruption and bribery policy. as follows

  1.  The Company will provide training and communication to all employees and all levels, including stakeholders, upon request to understand and raise awareness of the compliance with this anti-corruption and bribery policy.
  2. Employees at all levels must not commit any acts that demonstrate fraud and giving or receiving bribes to stakeholders who have conducted various business transactions of the Company in order to gain benefits, advantages and maintain business operations.
  3. Employees at all levels must not violate fraudulent conduct and provide or receive bribes related to the Company's business transactions, and do not ignore or neglect any actions that demonstrate corruption and giving or receiving bribes that must be notified to supervisors and cooperate in fact-checking.
  4. The Company will provide fairness and protection to whistleblowers and cooperate in reporting corruption and giving or receiving bribes as defined in the Confidentiality and Protection Measures.
  5. Employees of all levels who commit any acts of fraud and giving or receiving bribes shall be subject to investigation and punishment in accordance with the company's regulations and/or may be penalized under the compliance obligations if they are against the compliance obligations.

Best Practices.
Gifts or Receptions.


The Company recognizes that building good relationships with business partners is important to bring success in continuing to operate, but this must be avoided or acted openly. It is not concealed, is timely, appropriate for the situation and is within the scope acceptable by the Company and does not affect corruption and giving or receiving bribes, and must not contravene the rules, regulations, compliance obligations that the Company must comply with.

Gifts or receptions herein include cash, stocks, bonds, gift cards, tickets, tickets, performance or sports tickets, travel expenses, accommodation expenses, food, prizes, gifts, and more promotional Items. The Company's employment offers, or services and any valuable benefits or items provided by merchants, vendors, contractors, customers, or stakeholders of the Company, except gifts not exceeding 3,000 baht, are given in accordance with traditions and manners of opportunity and reception not exceeding 10,000 baht. This must be able to clarify the actions correctly and clearly.

In inevitable situations, employees are required to disclose gifts from merchants, vendors, contractors, customers, or stakeholders of the Company with a value exceeding 5,000 baht, and supervisors or above must disclose gifts or receptions worth more than 10,000 baht and send them to management team for further as a reward for employees at major festivals or charities as appropriate

Charitable Donations and Support.
Charitable donations and contributions to the extent that it is appropriate with the aim of giving back to society. As well as public relations to enhance the company's image without aiming for business returns such as CSR projects, support for religious preservation. Supporting and assisting school supplies or education; however, it will not be a donation or support for bribery and must be done openly. It is not concealed, is timely, appropriate for the situation, and does not contravene the rules, regulations, compliance obligations that the Company must adhere to, political support.
  Charitable donations and support are 100%, must be approved by the Managing Director or authorized by the Company's regulations as strictly defined and collect evidence. Relevant documents showing charitable and supportive donations in its entirety

Political Support.
Political support refers to helping on behalf of a company, whether it's financially, to support political activities, or to provide things or services. Advertising or supporting political parties donations to organizations with close to political parties, for example, unless they support democratic processes that are as required by regulations or compliance obligations.
      The Company operates a business that adheres to political neutrality. Employees of all levels have the right to freedom to participate in political activities under the provisions of the constitution. The Company does not impersonate employees and does not use its resources for the benefit of any political action, including prohibiting the use of its authority to invite pressure or force employees in the Company to support any political activities.        


          Experteam Company Limited is committed to providing quality service from equipment and equipment rental services. The company operates in the Sustainable Development Guidelines by building trust among stakeholders through excellent, transparent, corporate governance, and business governance and continuously improve the work process. We are committed to benefiting and growing with stakeholders. Participate in social and environmental responsibility with the framework of sustainable development management to be in line with international standards.

Best Practices

  • Comply with relevant compliance obligations and requirements.
  • Leading the organization towards sustainability with the concept of engaging with stakeholders and maintaining balance in the economy, society and environment to continuously improve capacity.
  • Promote training, education, guidance, counseling, and engagement that focuses on how to follow sustainable development guidelines.
  • Communicate sustainable development policies to stakeholders as well as set a good example of behaviors that contribute to a sustainable business culture.
  • Continuously develop strategies and processes and reduce the impact of operations covering quality. Environment, Safety and Occupational Health.


        Experteam Company Limited has a business policy and prioritizes the responsibility of benefits to related stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) is based on transparent business practices, verifiable ethics, and respect for human rights; avoid actions that may cause conflicts of interest and intellectual property infringement, and all forms of anti-corruption. The Company is committed to developing and improving the operation of the business while continuously improving. Fulfillment of the commitments to grow together continuously and sustainably with both organizations and stakeholders. In addition, all levels of employees in the organization have been communicated to comply with the audit and follow-up of the practices by the management team of the organization.  For improvement, amendment, or development, apply in the years to the next as appropriate. The company has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy as:

  1. Good Corporate Governance / Fair Business Operations

           Experteam Company Limited has a policy to keep all employees together under Safety Occupational Health and Work Environments that are good, and pleasant to work, as well as treating employees at all levels as family members. There is no exploitation of each other.

  •      Human Resource Management: The Company has an effective Human Resource Management System to achieve maximum efficiency, from recruitment, personnel development, compensation, and welfare, as well as continuous training for employees. Fair returns and proper welfare are defined. In addition, the Company promotes and encourages all employees to have the opportunity to advance their careers, promote participation, mentoring and learning at all levels of the organization and develop skills to enhance professionalism in the form of multi-skill workers.
  •      Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment:  The Company manages Occupational Health and Safety Management in accordance with international standards and establishes and communicates Occupational Health and Safety policies to relevant stakeholders. To compliance with the obligations, implementation of the operational outcomes, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Occupational Health and Safety Management System regularly for continuous improvement and improvement.  Under the definition of "comply with the law, work with safety, care about occupational health and work environment".


  1. Anti-Corruption Policy

            Experteam Company Limited  is committed to not committing any action, including prohibiting all employees and all levels from involving in any unacceptable forms of fraud and giving or receiving bribes. For the direct or indirect benefit of themselves or related parties, whether in person or not as a currency, to the stakeholders who have conducted various business transactions of the Company. Covering the organization's rules and acceptance criteria on issues including gifts or receptions, charitable donations and support and strictly comply with this anti-corruption and bribery policy.

  1. Respect for rights and practices / Respect for human rights

           Experteam Company Limited have an awareness of the importance of equality fairness. It also respects human rights principles. The Company recognizes the importance of children being able to grow up and be physically and mentally developed to be healthy. In all cases, the Company has imposed appropriate disciplinary penalties based on the heaviness of the offences as prescribed in the Company's work regulations and will treat the stakeholders with respect. Respect human dignity and individual rights and continue to communicate understanding with stakeholders as follows:

  •      Discrimination and harassment: The Company shall respect and not discriminate in personal manners including race, religion, skin color, nationality, gender, marital status, sexual deviance, age, pregnancy, disability, national origin, union membership, political opinions, etc.
  •      Forced labor and child labor: The Company prohibits forced labor, including penalty labor, including labor, to scrub debts, not accept persons under the age of 15 in all cases, either within the Company's own establishment or in the customer's workplace, and will not be involved in or supporting the use of child labor.
  •      Freedom of association or grouping:  The Company does not interfere in activities in the right of privacy to adhere to beliefs or necessities based on race, nationality, religion, gender deviation, disability, such activities must not have a public impact on the work or the company.


  1. Responsibility to Customers

           Experteam Company Limited is committed to providing quality work from equipment and equipment rental services. The company operates in the electrical and measuring Instrumentation service and projects according to customer requirements and commitments to be fulfilled, as well as continuously improving operational efficiency. To achieve maximum customer satisfaction, the Company is aware that it is able to provide quality services consistently. In addition to rigorous monitoring and control of operations, it is necessary to have continuous and sustainable management, as well as monitoring and considering internal and external issues. Requirements or expectations from all stakeholders involved to respond effectively. The Senior Management has communicated the company's Quality policy to employees at all levels and understands the awareness and uses it as a framework to determine the Quality objectives of each activity. We are ready to communicate Quality policy to stakeholders when requesting under the definition "Carry out compliance obligations, please customers, continuously improve quality, focus on service"

  1. Community and Social Development

           The Company adheres to the policy of maintaining and connecting with nearby communities. Therefore, it supports community activities regularly. The project takes into account the appropriateness and benefits that communities and society will receive for sustainable community development, as well as sending our employees to participate in community activities, while promoting and encouraging employees to participate in volunteer work and public benefit activities with the community regularly, such as mangrove forest planting projects, garbage and sewage collection project on the seaside waste, collection and coral planting project, school building project, toilet building project for religious sites, lunch and scholarships for special children, forest planting and release projects for aquatic animals, etc

  1. Protecting the environment

           Experteam Company Limited has established a clear environmental policy.  Employees at all levels of the organization shall strictly observe the guidelines and must adhere to the commitments that must be fulfilled, including internal systems to control and prevent environmental issues that will affect the loss of natural balance, Global Warming, air pollution, water pollution, general waste/solid waste, hazardous waste, hazardous chemicals resource, utility and quality of life. In addition, the Company has provided knowledge to employees at all levels to raise awareness and participate in campaigns to save resources and energy in areas such as electricity, water supply, oil, and paper under the following definitions: "Clean, Care and Safe, Environmental".

  1. Personal Data, Confidential Information and Intellectual Property

           The Company places importance on maintaining personal data so that it is not misused properly. To prevent conflicts, unfairness, insecurity, and mental state of the person. Control the embezzlement or use of the Company's intellectual property and confidential information. In addition, partners must not use such assets and information unless approved by the Company in writing only, neither the Company and its partners have intellectual property or confidential information related to joint business operations. Appropriate precautions must be taken to prevent unauthorized disclosure or use of such assets and information, including instilling in them to make employees at all levels aware of the confidentiality of the Company and its partners, such as discussing or discussing confidential matters in public. This may cause damage or be used for the wrong benefit.

  1. Unveiling Innovations from Social Responsibility Environment and Stakeholders

           Experteam Company Limited committed to supporting innovation both within the organization and cooperation with external stakeholders.  Innovation and support must be continuously improved or changed in a way that is appropriate and sufficient to benefit the organization to the maximum and can disseminate innovations from social and environmental responsibility to stakeholders, including paper savings, natural resources, to demonstrate the will and commitment to using resources to conduct business efficiently, which does not affect the operation of the organization.  It also focuses on energy saving, which uses technology in various social medial formats that are currently in operation instead of paper, such as communication. Sending information, saving documents, signing, sending reports and storing documents in electronic file format, etc.


        The Company is concerned about the health of employees and in response to the government's policy, the company has set up a policy to prevent drug and alcohol problems in the workplace to be treated as follows:

  1. The Company considers the drug to be a danger that the company and all its employees must cooperate in the campaign to prevent and eliminate the problem of drugs.
  2. Cooperate with the staff, Administrative staff or police on notification when found guilty of drug offences or providing information and facilitating the operation or inspection of officers.
  3. Supervisors at all levels must behave as role models, lead, train, supervise, motivate all employees away from drugs.
  4. The Company assumes that the addict is a patient and can randomly inspect the employees without prior notice.
  5. Alcohol or drugs are prohibited at the company's premises or places where the Company rents work or the customer's area or project area.

Best Practices.

  • The Company has authorized to randomly check the amount of alcohol and narcotics with employees as necessary and appropriate, and the results must be zero. Penalties must be in accordance with the Company's regulations or as required by the Compliance obligations. If the compliance obligations is imposed.
  • Dissemination, clarification meeting or training for health promotion program to raise awareness of employees' consciousness to understand health promotion programs. Prevention and problem solving of drugs on an ongoing.
  • ​​​​​​​Encourage employees to exercise regularly to stay healthy and to get away from drugs


       The Managing Director has established and announced to all employees of Experteam Company Limited to be informed and treated in general regarding the coronavirus preparedness and response policy. (COVID-19) as follows:

  1. Survey employees in your organization or close friends about whether they have traveled to risky countries? If there is, the employee should stop working and performing the jobs at home.
  2. Employees are prohibited from traveling to vulnerable countries. If you're still found to be traveling to a vulnerable country, you'll need to take a trip, the company will have a policy of suspending work until the outbreak calms down.
  3. Establish a proactive action plan or risk management plan for the organization if there is an emergency (BCP) both in the care of employees and to engage in social responsibility. If an employee is infected with the virus, act quickly to stop the spread of the disease, and no information must be concealed to health officials or the public. Just to protect the reputation of the organization.
  4. If there are a lot of sick employees, work should be temporarily closed.
  5. Consider postponing or abstaining from events that require many people to gather.

Best Practices.

  • The Company requires the preliminary physical checks of employees after the toolbox meeting is completed include temperature measurement, mask wear inspection, and inquiries of travel history and risky activities, etc.
  • ​​​​​​​Provide training on knowledge and prevention methods regarding respiratory diseases caused by COVID-19 and daily cleaning to disinfect the area.  This ensures that all employees always work in a clean and safe environment.
  • ​​​​​​​Disposable face masks must be thrown into special tanks only, and the company also provides services to all employees who provide services or maintenance to on-site customers. The same rules must also be followed.
  • ​​​​​​​Strictly follow the coronavirus emergency preparation and response plan.


Be Clean, Safety and Environmental awareness

          The organization; Experteam Co. , Ltd. Committed to operate business includes quality and energy conservation along with a prevention of pollution from its activities, products and services especially reduce and prevent industrial waste spillage. The organization commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements and communicated all persons who working for or on behalf the organization includes a commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution, this environmental policy is available to the public upon request.

       Best Practices.

  • Handing and prevention sewage spills and industrial waste from storing, collect & transport.
  • Handing and prevention chemical and oil spills in operating areas.
  • Handing, prevention and reduce transport pollution.
  • Handing the effective use of natural resources including water, electricity, oil, paper.
  • Promote and educate workers to be aware of their operations along with environmental protection.
  • Handing and prevention fire emergencies from storing, collecting, transporting, and leaking industrial chemicals and waste.



          The Company recognizes the importance of equality, fairness, It also respects the principles of rights.  The company recognizes the importance of children being able to grow up and be physically and mentally developed to be healthy. Therefore, the company has a policy not to accept persons under the age of 15 to work in the Company in all cases, including prohibiting forced labor and penalty workers in all cases. The company shall treat the stakeholders in an honorable way. Respect human dignity and individual rights and continue to communicate understanding to stakeholders.

  Best Practices.

  1. The Company places importance on privacy, equality without discrimination against stakeholders.
  2. The Company will treat employees with employment, work compensation, welfare, development and training, promotion, discipline and punishment, performance is more than personality.
  3. The Company will abide by its commitments to comply with its rights. Duties of employees of all types of contracts and terms of service to stakeholders.
  4. ​​​​​​​The Company shall not impede or take any action that will affect the exercise of rights of employees or stakeholders that do not affect the Company's business in accordance with the regulations prescribed.
  5. ​​​​​​​The Company shall respect and not discriminate in personal manners including race, religion, skin color, nationality, gender, marital status, sexual deviance, age, pregnancy, disability, national origin, union membership, political opinions, etc.
  6. ​​​​​​​The Company does not discourage employment, services, compensation payments, training, promotion, termination of employment or retirement for racial, nationality, religion, disability reasons, sexual deviation, political participation, or union membership, etc.
  7. ​​​​​​​The Company selects and pays compensation based on knowledge. Without discrimination, race, skin color, gender, age, nationality, sexual popularity, military status, marital status or physical impairment, which does not affect the position of duty to be performed.
  8. ​​​​​​​The Company encourages employees to gain additional knowledge in addition to their knowledge of the job. For promotion, the Company will consider the knowledge, competency of each person mainly, and the employee must have knowledge of the job and skills to manage personnel in the unit.
  9. ​​​​​​​Remuneration the Company will consider the same characteristics as the same amount as the same amount. The Company will pay the same compensation. Whether the employee is a woman or a man.
  10. ​​​​​​​The Company treats male and female employees with equality unless the nature of the work or the condition of the work cannot be performed the same.
  11. ​​​​​​​The Company does not allow all employees to behave, including gestures. Use of speech, physical contact, or acts characterized by oppression, coercion, sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, or sexual exploitation.
  12. ​​​​​​​The Company has no policy to force women to check for pregnancy and contraceptives for the sake of hiring or forced to leave their jobs.
  13. ​​​​​​​The Company does not allow the punishment of employees for assaults such as lashings or profanity, sarcastically remarks, physical and psychological threats, or by cutting employee benefits.

Forced Labor and Child Labor

  • The Company prohibits forced labor, including penalty workers, as well as workers for debts.
  • Migrant workers who work in the workplace, the company must fully and strictly comply with its commitments, including supporting information, educating and communicating in language that facilitates operation and coexistence.
  • Individuals under the age of 15 are not accepted to work in the Company in all cases.
  • Employees have the right to resign as employees with appropriate prior notice period. In the case of stakeholders other than employees in the Company, the Company shall not unfairly terminate the employment contract without clarifying the clear reasons in accordance with the commitments set forth for compliance.
  • The Company shall not employ or exploit child labor either within the Company's own establishment or in the client's workplace and will not be involved in or supporting the use of child labor.

Freedom of Association or Integration

  • The Company does not interfere in activities in the right of privacy to adhere to beliefs or necessities based on race, nationality, religion, gender deviation, disability, such activities must not have a public impact on the work or the company.
  • The Company respects the right to association or grouping according to its will, including the right to jointly negotiate for the interests of stakeholders. The group must not contravene the legal requirements or commitments to comply.


   To provide direction and support for the Company's information security operations to meet or comply with relevant business requirements, laws and regulations the company must have a duty to supervise the formulation of a written information technology security policy and the company communicates the said policy in order to understand and be able to follow it properly to those working under the control and supervision of the company. Especially between the information technology department and other departments within the company in order to be able to coordinate and operate the business according to the goals set Provide training or education to workers about cyber threats or new information in order for workers to be aware, aware and able to protect themselves from such threats to a certain extent as well as to arrange for a review of the information technology security policy at least once a year or when there is a change that affects the company's information technology security including an audit for compliance with the Data Security and Security Policy at least once a year, and make plans to improve and fix the problems found.

Information Security Systems and Guidelines

  • Requires registration of an account for the electronic mail service (E-mail) must fill in the request for access to the electronic mail service (E-mail) by submitting the request to the E-mail system administrator.
  • In the event that an unknown electronic mail (E-mail) is found, users are prohibited to press confirmation or browse to view information. and inform the information agency immediately.
  • Passwords should not be saved or stored in the computer system. or installed in front of the computer.
  • Always back up your data on a regular basis, e.g. once a month, once a quarter, etc.
  • A request should be made to the information authority to conduct a computer system inspection and audit at least once a quarter.
  • Do not install software or applications other than those specified by the Company for operational necessity.
  • Do not disclose important confidential information about the work of an agency that has not been officially announced via the Internet.
  • Assign access to the server by using username and password from information organizations only.
  • Do not use resources and computer networks. to act illegally and contrary to the good morals of society
  • Do not disrupt, obstruct, or damage the Company's resources and computer networks.


Comply with compliance obligations, work with safety, awareness for occupational health and operational environmental

          Throughout EXPERTEAM and its associated companies we are committed to achieving the highest Health, Environment and Safety standards across all our operations and consistently meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our Clients in the Oil and Gas Industry. To achieve this EXPERTEAM will:

  1. Ensure that the safety and long term health of our employees and other individuals that maybe affected by our activities and that the protection of the environment receive equal priority with other business objectives, includes a commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health.
  2. Accept that the health environment and safety are management responsibilities, which require a structured organization with committed and competent staff, and it appropriate to the purpose, size and context of the organization and to the specific nature of its OH&S risks and OH&S opportunities.
  3. Provide project management with the support of safety specialist to assist line management to fulfill legal requirements and other requirements, set standards, and implement programs, measure performance for compliance and achievement.
  4. Provide a safety management system, comprising of standards, procedures work methods and job safety analysis, which systematically identify all hazards within our activities and eliminate or preventive control the associated risk to provides the framework for establishing OH&S objectives.
  5. Committed to the prevention of injuries, illnesses from workplaces including health care programs of the employees are ready to perform the tasks. by doing that physical checking should be doing within the time limit, accordance with the compliance obligation and customer requirements.
  6. Establish mutually agreed interfaces with the clients management systems and clearly identify responsibilities and accountabilities through a site safety plan.
  7. Ensure a clear multi-way communication system exists for all health, environment and safety issues through structured meeting, presentations and publications to the efficiency and effectiveness of the communication processes, including cover all other interested parties, internal and external communication to internally among the various levels and functions of the organization as appropriate, and the organization shall take into account diversity aspects (e.g. gender, language, culture, literacy, disability) when considering its communication needs.
  8. Undertake assessments to ensure the competence of all our employees in performing their respective roles.
  1. Evaluate and control of external providers for capabilities and performance to comply with standards set, procedures or compliance obligations.
  1. Monitor the performance of our activities against established standards, procedures and criteria, to meet planned objectives.
  1. Use the investigation tools of accidents and incidents as a management tool to provide analytical details and to identify inadequacies in management control.
  1. Develop and maintain detailed audit procedures and schedules to verify compliance with OH&S management system and compliance obligations.
  1. Continuously monitor and assess the performance and effectiveness of the health, environment and safety systems to provide for continual improvement.
  1. Commitment to consultation and participation of workers, and where exist, workers’ representatives, are aware and contribute to the continual improvement in OH&S management system.
  1. Follow the requirements and procedures to achieve quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system.

        Best Practices.

  • Prevention and preparing for an effective response to emergencies.
  • Handing and prevention accidents with workers reaching more than 3 days off in the operating area.
  • Handing and prevention accidents with operators in the customer's workplace.
  • Supporting participation, instruction, advice, and act on unsafe incident and behavioral reporting results.
  • Handing and prevention injury and illness from working.


Comply with compliance obligations, Customer Satisfaction, continuously improve quality, Service focus

        The organization Experteam Co., Ltd. commitment to providing service quality from the rental of tools and equipment labor recruitment construction and project according to customer requirements and comply with compliance obligations. as well as continually improve operational efficiency for optimum customer satisfaction. The organization aware to usually provide all quality service besides the audit and strong operation control the organization have to sustainable management system, by the way the organization implement the quality management system as guideline to the organization's management. Top management would review and define the quality policy by commitment to comply with quality requirements and continually improve the effectiveness includes communicated and understood within the organization and provides the framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and communicate quality policies to stakeholders upon request.

        Best Practices

  • Striving to provide ready and adequate personnel to perform the tasks requested by customers.
  • Striving to provide services, tools, machines, readiness of devices.
  • Development personnel qualifications to meet customer needs.
  • Inspection and repair of tools and machines to service as planned.
  • Development the delivery process on time as required by the customer.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by providing quality service.
  • Development employee knowledge according to customer requirements.
  • Preventive maintenance of machines efficiently.
  • Monitoring, Measurement and operational consistency.


     Managing Director has set and announced to all employees in the company. Expert Team Co., Ltd. acknowledges and adheres to the general re-entry policy after injuries from work accidents, injuries, illnesses from work and illnesses due to work-related diseases as the following details.

We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees. Preventing work related illness and injury is our primary goal. Our early return to work provides opportunities for an employee who is injured on the job to return work at full duty. If the injured worker is not physically capable of returning to full duty, the program provides opportunities to perform the regular job with modifications or, when available, to perform alternate temporary work that meets the injured worker’s physical capabilities. We will make every reasonable effort to provide suitable return to work opportunities for every employee who is unable to perform his or her regular duties following a work related injury. This may include making accommodations to the employee’s regular job or, if available, providing temporary alternate work depending on the employee’s physical abilities. Injured workers who are participating in the return to work program are expected to provide feedback in order to improve the program’s future development.

Best Practices.

  • Provide RTW monitoring for employees who had injuries and illness from work and will to return to work.
  • Advise for self-treatment for who had injuries and illnesses by the factory nursing team.
  • Campaign for exercise before work starts