Hello everyone I would like to update the situation of "Corona virus Covid-19'' in Thailand on April 22, 2022

Prof. and EOC Center, Ministry of Public Health Report of the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 New cases today (22 April) add 21,808 cases, 128 deaths, 1,985 severe cases of pneumonia, 20,635 additional ATK test results, total 42,443 new cases of ATK positive.

On April 22, 2022, the Government's COVID-19 Information Center and the EOC Center, Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) reported preliminary data. The daily situation of COVID-19 cases showed a total of 21,808 new cases, classified as

21,717 domestic patients
91 foreign patients
Accumulated 1,904,603 patients (since January 1, 2022)
Today, 19,826 more recovered, returned home, 1,741,244 cumulative recoveries (since January 1, 2022), 190,780 patients are being treated, and 128 have died.

As for the number of pneumonia patients being hospitalized, 1,985, an average of 26 per province, bed occupancy rate of 25.3%.

Department of Disease Control The Ministry of Public Health reported the results of ATK testing today, adding 20,635 positive ATK results, the percentage of cases being detected at 27.04%, including 42,443 new cases of ATK positive, while 885 of them required tracheal intubation. There are 2,021 cases of pneumonia reported by the Department of Disease Control, while the number of the CCC is at 1,985 (according to the table).